Increase employee retention

40% of all new employees will switch employers during the first year.

Decrease time to productivity

75% of the employees are not effectively introduced to their work environment, leading to suboptimal productivity and lack of engagement

Facilitate social integration

More than 50% of the organizations have significant problems integrating new employees.

Avoid turnover costs

The average cost of losing a team member after 3 months is €14.000 and 120 hours.

Boost employer brand value

Branding is heavily weighted on employee retention and the ability to properly introduce a newcomer to their workplace.

Accelerate compliance with protocols.

Get your employees engaged with safety and compliance.

Finally: Align Recruitment and HR


Extend the recruiters 's rol into onboarding to ensure longlasting trust and improve retention. Provide a consistent employee journey.

HR professionals

Don’t reinvent the wheel: you can convert our content into a unique employee experience with surprisingly simple and controlled content management. Focus on your role as a true partner for business.

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Getting started is easy

Our knowledge and experience have enabled us to create sector specific onboarding blue prints. Our customers can use these blueprints and tailor the content to the company specific requirements of their organization. All it takes is five simple steps. 1Select the desired onboarding program

2Customize the templates with your own content

3Invite your employees to join the experience

4Amaze and engage your employees

5Optimize anytime to keep your new hires up to date

Proven success for the Enterprise and beyond:

Appical is perfect for any organization hiring both regular and flex superstars.
image title An onboarding program for service agents (ground staff). The service agents get to know their way around Airport Schiphol through an interactive tour.

image title A blended change management program for regional directors. Combining digital content with inspirational sessions for a high impact training course.

image title An orientation day at a Janssen Biologics plant in the Netherlands including an interactive tour around the production facilities.

image title Both onboarding & orientation solutions for several production plants in the Netherlands. Getting to know all essential product information and safety regulations.

Reduce costs and boost employee engagement


  • The Ideal solution for small businesses and teams with limited resources available that still want to redesign their onboarding program. Implement this solution to create a fun and engaging onboarding experience within a matter of days.


  • The custom approach to make large groups of new colleagues feel at home on a global scale. Create a high impact customized onboarding program for both general and functional onboarding with a personal touch from us.

Experience our App or let's get in touch

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Our game-changing solution

We provide immediate onboarding for your workforce. Our mobile onboarding platform offers our customers the unique ability to build, manage and update their own onboarding application. We have a proven track record in:

1Decreasing the time to productivity

2Reduce training costs

3Improving retention of employees

4Boosting corporate culture

5Reinforcing social integration

Anytime, Anywhere on Any Mobile Device

Our online editor allows you to create content, edit your apps and allows you to instantly see the the impact of your work. This works very motivating for our customers. The user management and reporting features are included.

Our apps are accessible via any device and do work Offline! They are built on successful templates that include gamification, cool visual and social features to WOW your employees.


  • Perfect for small businesses and teams. The functionality you need to engage your employees immediately.


  • The custom approach your enterprise needs for making large groups of new colleagues feel at home on a global scale. With a personal touch from us.

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